• Kyra


Oh em goodness.. Who would have thought 2 months ago, heck even a month ago, that we would be living in this crazy scary time.. It has been one of the scariest most stressful things I have ever had to deal with.. Its so hard to know what is right and wrong to do in the hairdressing industry. There is so much contradiction and confusion with it all. As many of you know we have closed our doors at Deta Hair & Beauty and also Black Crow as we felt it was in the best interest to not only our clients but also to my staff. I never want them to feel like I don't respect the health of them or their families when it comes to stuff like this. I actually feel lost not seeing them everyday. I hate that there is financial stress involved and that I have let them down. Even though I am aware its something totally out of my hands, its still hard to deal with that feeling of not being able to help everyone.

BUT in saying that. WE WILL come back bigger and better. We will grow as a team and will overcome anything that is thrown at us.. I just cant wait for the day we all get back into the salon and have the biggest laugh about how crazy its been.

Until that time, we all just hang in there and DONT BOX COLOUR OUR HAIR.

We will see you all soon.

Thank you for your on going support

kyra xo

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